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Recycling and recovery

Let WasteWise help you turn your trash into cash. Approximately 85% of waste has a monetary value so we focus on recycling and recovery instead of sending to landfill.

Our fully equipped buyback centre is a 3 500m2 yard with an independently owned and certified 24 m weighbridge, 3 small scales and a 22-ton excavator. Payments are made through EFT or eWallet – we don’t keep cash on site.

Through specialised reclamation and recycling processes, we can help you cut your carbon emissions.

The benefit of recycling and recovery

Every item recycled is an item not added to a landfill. This benefits the environment while you receive a rebate for your recyclables, which means you enjoy more savings.

In addition, recycling waste also creates employment and income-generating opportunities. South Africans are all familiar with the sight of recyclers pulling trolleys laden down with wasted around streets. They are an essential part of the waste management process and rely on residential and commercial sources for paper, glass and cans. They rely on this waste for an income.

WasteWise’s recycling and recovery process aims to preserve valuable resources from waste received from industrial, commercial and municipal clients through sorting, separating, storing, processing and disposing of waste in a safe and legally compliant manner.

Recycling waste reduces the processing of raw materials, which in turn conserves the amount of energy required in manufacturing processes. In addition, the gasses that often result from waste can be used as energy sources for manufacturing plants.

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