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Our innovative ways not only create employment but help you reach a “zero waste” figure that benefits the environment and those living within it.

Your business generates a wide range of waste every day. Through a waste assessment, you can reduce your waste management costs, meet environmental regulations and identify opportunities for recycling.

What is a waste assessment?

A waste assessment helps communities and cities determine the type and volume of waste that is generated. Through analysing the waste, an effective plan can be put in place to ensure the most cost-effective strategy that complies with legislation.

Waste assessments provide an excellent to customise waste management policies. Factors to consider when drawing up a waste management plan include:

  • The size and design of local recycling and material recovery facilities
  • The best way to manage organic waste and encourage composting
  • The frequency that waste needs to be collected and how

How does this result in zero-waste?

Once you understand the current levels of waste you can work to recover as much material and resources as possible.

A zero-waste plan builds on the following:

  • What non-recoverable materials are most common and how can these be replaced with reusable, repairable or recyclable materials?
  • Can you design a separate collection system that encourages the least amount of residual waste generation?
  • What support is necessary to reduce waste generation?
  • What is your budget for the zero waste plan and what income can expect to generate from it?

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Following a free waste assessment, WasteWise can propose solutions to reduce your waste management costs and increase your recycling rate. Contact us today for a complimentary waste management assessment.