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Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste has very specific waste management requirements. WasteWise has various methods of disposal including chemical neutralisation and incineration. We understand what waste can be classified as dangerous to animals, people and the environment. Our disposal methods are compliant with legislation and aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible

What is considered hazardous?

Our integrated hazardous waste management solution includes the classification, collection, treatment, energy recovery and safe disposal of dangerous or potentially dangerous waste. Some of the common products that pose a risk include:

  • Gaseous waste
  • Waste containing mercury
  • Waste containing pesticides
  • Asbestos
  • Metal scraps
  • Waste oils
  • Organic waste containing halogens and sulphur
  • Solvents without halogens or sulphur
  • Medical waste
  • Sewage

We can also assist with the cleaning of confined spaces, such as tanks.

Medical waste

Medical waste needs to be disposed of properly. Knowing what kind of waste you have can complicate the process. Generally, there are four different kinds of medical waste.

Infectious waste

This is any waste that poses the threat of infection. It includes human or animal tissue, surgical gloves, cultures, swabs or blood-soaked bandages.

Hazardous waste

Within medical waste, hazardous waste is anything that can affect humans in non-infectious ways. This includes chemicals (medical and industrial), sharps (scalpels, needles, lancets) and old drugs.

Radioactive waste

Radioactive waste results from medical equipment that uses radioactive isotopes, nuclear medicine treatments and cancer therapies. Radiation has several potential health risks and should only be removed by a professional waste management company with a specialist medical waste solution.

General waste

Most medical waste is similar to the usual household or office waste and would fall under the general category. This includes things like paper, plastics and liquids.

WasteWise’s team of waste removal specialists can also help with medical waste disposal.

We can help

Chat with one of our waste management specialists about whether your waste is hazardous and how we can assist you in disposing of it in an effective and compliant manner.